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I must admit that I really love salmon and with it being nearly Easter, the supermarkets are doing great deals on whole fresh salmons. If you are not up to filleting it (its not hard but it does need a sharp knife and a little bit of time) get your friendly fishmonger to fillet it for you but don’t let them chop it into chunks. This way you get to decide how big or small the fillets are that you smoke.

4 fillets of salmon, skin on

30g salt

30g sugar

Any flavorings you like – this could include lemon zest, crushed black peppercorns, juniper berries, crushed bay leaves but be adventurous once you have the hang of the smoking process.

Mix the salt, sugar and flavourings in a non-metallic dish or bowl. Place the salmon fillets in the dish and cover well with the cure mix. Cover with cling film and leave for 10-15 minutes to cure (less time if you have tail end pieces which are thinner and a little more if you have thick, head end pieces).

Wash the fillets in cold water. They should now be firmer and slightly darker in colour. Place in your hot smoker of choice and smoke for about 20 minutes or until the fillets are firm to the touch. Leave to rest for 5-10 minutes to ensure the smoke penetrates before serving with warm new potatoes and salad. A quick easy dinner but superbly tasty!

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