We love providing high quality courses and we do everything possible to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves. Here are some of the lovely things previous attendees have said;

A superb course which went through the whole process in a clear, informative manner. The venue and host were perfect and everything needed was to hand – including delicious coffee and pastries on arrival! Learning about the skills, techniques and reasoning behind all of the processes was interesting and engaging and the hands on practise of filleting, pin boning and brining the a side of salmon was great fun. Seeing how the smoker worked and how it should be set up was very useful and will be a life-long skill to use in the future.

Overall a fantastic morning and a great gift for the foodie in your life. Could not recommend the course more.

– James Walton

“Was a very enjoyable day and came away with a feeling of confidence to try curing at home. I was surprised by how easy and low cost it is to do. Thank you!

– H Sint Nicolaas

“Presented with clarity. I especially enjoyed the hands-on mixing cures and smoking.”

– A Whitehead

“Emily gave us so many hints based on all her experience, things we’d never have got from a book.”

-Rosemary Harding

“The whole day was packed with information but presented informally so it was a lot of fun, and we came away with a great bag of goodies!”

-RA Lyall